IoT sensor integration platform for the control of energy KPIs in urban areas and the planning of energy efficiency interventions and integration with microgrids

pick up

The PICK-UP project aims to provide tools and solutions for energy-efficient districts that consider not only the management of energy production and storage systems, but also a modifiable and differentiated demand, with regard to the following aspects:​

  • Mathematical models and control methods used.​
  • Functionality and services offered.​


In particular, the project aims to:​

  • Integrate different systems using as pilot use case, the  buildings and the polygenerative microgrid at the​ Campus of Savona.​
  • To provide demand response services to an aggregator for the purpose of entering the energy market and / or the distributor for ancillary services.​
  • Manage in real time events such as the failure of a component or generator, or requests from the distributor or an aggregator.​
  • Integrate innovative simulation and optimization models.​
  • Integrate user feedback in order to achieve comfort and maximize energy efficiency.​


Innovative tool for energy management (EMS) and decision support (DSS) open, able to manage in real time the monitoring and management of energy and environmental, through the use of innovative methodologies and cutting-edge technologies.​

Tools for energy and environmental management integrating:

  • IoT and Fog Computing sensor networks.
  • New methodologies for modeling and analyzing energy data and predictive control.
  • Innovative models for the aggregation and integration of distributed electricity generation sources and demand (Demand Response, Smart Microgrid).
  • The solutions must be flexible(to ensure a high integration of renewable sources) and modular (to ensure adaptation to different contexts and the relative resilience of the entire system). These same characteristics will allow the transition of the urban district from a mere seat of demand to be satisfied (electricity, heating, communication, transport, etc.) to an active actor able to contribute efficiently to a national energy system.
  • The concept behind the PICK-UP project was created in response to a series of concrete and interconnected requirements concerning:production and consumption, innovative and effective solutions, opening of new markets


A consolidated research group with a renowned academic and industrial profile.

  • algoWatt SpA
  • Rulex Analytics
  • STAM
  • Gruppo SIGLA
  • ABB
  • Maps Group





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Programma Operativo Regionale 2014-2020 Obiettivo ​ “Investimenti in favore della crescita e dell’occupazione Asse 1 «Ricerca e Innovazione (OT1)” Azione 1.2.4 Bando “Supporto alla realizzazione di progetti complessi di attività di ricerca e sviluppo per le imprese aggregate ai Poli di ricerca ed innovazione»”.


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