algoWatt , within the activities of its Research Department & amp; Innovation , participated in the European project ELVITEN – Electric vehicles of category L integrated into transport and energy networks. It is a project, funded by the EU under the Horizon 2020 program, which aims to improve sustainable urban mobility through tests of electric vehicles of category L (light), or EL-V, and associated services, in six cities European: Bari, Genoa and Rome (Italy), Malaga (Spain), Trikala (Greece ) and Berlin (Germany).
Algowatt has developed a software platform within the project that is able to automatically manage all the management of incentives starting from the incentive policies and rules decided in the different cities. This development has allowed Algowatt to expand and refine its technological and product background for the management of incentives related to transport and energy consumption in general. The software solution of the greentech solutions company, which can now be implemented in other cities, was presented during a webinar organized by the Municipality of Genoa in which Eng. Michele Masnata, R & amp; I Project Manager of algoWatt.

The project started in 2017 and ended at the end of October 2020. Different EL-V sharing schemes (short term rental, long term rental, business / deliveries) were tested which were carried out from mid-2019 to mid-2020.

Genoa is among the “greenest” cities in Italy, with an average of about 47 cars per 100 inhabitants. The public transport system (bus / subway + train) is used for about 27% of trips, but the private car is still the main means, used for about 37% of transport. Only 0.1% (~ 1,000) of the total daily trips to Genoa are made by bicycle. The total fleet of vehicles in Genoa consists of approximately 695 683 vehicles (including cars, buses, motorcycles, trucks, etc.), of which 60.6% are cars and 30.8% are motorcycles. The 0.70 is Hybrid – electric.

In Genoa there are about 100 EL-Vs and 16 public charging points.

With a fleet of over 214,499 non-electrified motorcycles, Genoa has one of the highest L-V ratios per inhabitant in Europe. The ELVITEN project in Genoa aims to create a large charging network.

ELVITEN offered the incentive tool, dedicated apps and 10 electric vehicle tricycles for sharing. ELVITEN has also provided EL-Vs for free use. In Genoa, ELVITEN targets owners and users of light electric vehicles and companies.