Collaborations are always a fertile ground for the birth of innovative ideas: from the combination of the experience of Softeco and Ailux in the field of Mixed Aggregate Virtual Units (UVAM), the LIBRAX management platform designed for BSPs comes to life.

LIBRAX is the new original end-to-end solution to optimize the work of the Balancing Service Providers (BSP): it automates the entire operating process (measurement, communication with Terna, execution of orders, monitoring of commands, offers on the MSD / MB market) and is widely interoperable with the corporate business process.

LIBRAX can be supplied both as an in-house installation at the BSP data center and as a service (UVAx-aaS), in order to relieve the customer from the need to set up their own highly reliable and supervised service center. It will consist of measuring devices in the field, a concentration system for measurements and an application for the management and optimization of UVAM participants.

This solution will allow efficient participation in the Electricity Dispatching Services Market (MSD) as envisaged by Terna’s pilot projects.