Energy communities: algoWatt to support new prosumer users

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With the new European regulations and with the provisions of the recent Milleproroghe Decree, a strong opening towards the birth of the so-called "energy communities" also arrives in Italy. In practice, this concerns the possibility of sharing the energy produced by renewable plants for a [...]

BSP: LIBRAX is born from the collaboration with Ailux

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Collaborations are always a fertile ground for the birth of innovative ideas: from the combination of the experience of Softeco and Ailux in the field of Mixed Aggregate Virtual Units (UVAM), the LIBRAX management platform designed for BSPs comes to life. LIBRAX is the [...]

The digital company Softeco signs a strategic alliance with Ailux for virtual power plants (UVAM)

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TerniEnergia, a smart company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange's electronic share market (MTA) and part of the Italeaf Group, communicates that the digital company Softeco Sismat has signed a partnership agreement with Ailux Srl, a digital connection company, to develop innovative solutions for [...]

Softeco at the AEIT workshop on digitization in the Power and Water field

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On May 28th Softeco will attend the workshop "Digitalization in Power and Water" organized by AEIT Italian Association of Electrotechnics, Electronics, Automation, Computer Science and Telecommunications. The event, which will be held at ABB in Via Albareto in Sestri Ponente, will explore the changes [...]

Softeco al seminario sulla digitalizzazione in ambito Power e Water di AEIT

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Il 28 maggio Softeco interverrà al seminario “La digitalizzazione in ambito Power e Water” organizzato da AEIT Associazione Italiana di Elettrotecnica, Elettronica, Automazione, Informatica e Telecomunicazioni. L’evento, che si terrà presso ABB in via Albareto a Sestri Ponente, approfondirà i cambiamenti che la digitalizzazione ha [...]

Softeco participates with Libra in the SyNERGY MED 2019

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From May 28 to 30 the first International Conference on Energy Transition in the Mediterranean Area will be held in Cagliari and Softeco will participate in the event with an intervention by Giulia Troglio, in which the Libra solution will be illustrated. Lo speech, dal [...]

Softeco partecipa con Libra al SyNERGY MED 2019

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Dal 28 al 30 maggio si terrà a Cagliari il primo International Conference on Energy Transition in the Mediterranean Area e Softeco parteciperà all’evento con un intervento a cura di Giulia Troglio, in cui verrà illustrata la soluzione Libra. Lo speech, dal titolo “LIBRA: [...]