Phase 2 COVID-19: safe public transport with algoWatt eMaaS solutions

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Managing public transport and how to move safely during Phase 2 of the COVID-19 pandemic represents one of the most significant challenges for our country. algoWatt has developed a series of solutions to respond to the need to effectively manage upcoming mobility developments, in [...]

Softeco brings its experience on MaaS solutions to the InGE project

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Softeco participates as a partner in the "Innovative solutions for Intermodal Node Genoa Erzelli" (InGE) funded by the CEF - Connecting Europe Facility 2014-2020. The CEF is the instrument that promotes growth, employment and competitiveness through infrastructure investments aimed at European level, in the [...]

Ferries to Sicily: the first Caronte & Tourist terminal is completed

By |2020-02-24T17:17:59+01:0010.10.19|Green Mobility|

New important result for Softeco in the field of e-mobility and transport digitalization. And a further recognition of the efficiency of the Adverto supervision platform, multi-role proprietary technology, and the Rtu-GO product line for remote control. In fact, the company completed and put into [...]

With Eccairs 2.0 the security of the skies becomes European

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The upgrade of the ECCAIRS platform for the analysis of air transport accident rates developed by Softeco Sismat, which the EU Commission has decided to entrust to the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), starts. A qualitative leap that will still have the digital company [...]

Transport innovation, EU Commission renews Softeco’s contract

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Innovative mobility and sustainability in transport are among the main focuses of Softeco Sismat's core business. In fact, digital transformation is impacting heavily on all areas of mobility, requiring new and more advanced operational tools and policies. It is therefore essential for the Company [...]

Innovazione nei trasporti, Commissione UE rinnova contratto a Softeco

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Mobilità innovativa e sostenibilità nei trasporti sono tra i focus principali del core-business di Softeco Sismat. La digital trasformation, infatti, sta impattando pesantemente su tutti gli ambiti della mobilità, richiedendo nuovi strumenti operativi e policy sempre più avanzate. E’ dunque fondamentale per la Società [...]

IMOVE and the Mobility-as-a-Service in Stockholm

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UITP's Global Public Transport Summit 2019 is underway in Stockholm: Softeco will participate in the Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) workshop with the IMOVE project. UITP - the International Association of Public Transport - is the global reference network for sustainable urban mobility. The theme he proposes [...]

IMOVE e la Mobility-as-a-Service a Stoccolma

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È in corso a Stoccolma il Global Public Transport Summit 2019 di UITP: Softeco parteciperà al workshop sulla Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) con il progetto IMOVE. UITP – l’Associazione Internazionale dei Trasporti Pubblici – è il network di riferimento mondiale della mobilità urbana sostenibile. Il tema [...]

Personalbus: la tecnologia di Softeco al servizio di ATM

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Con la fornitura di alcuni importanti aggiornamenti della propria piattaforma tecnologica Personalbus, Softeco consolida la collaborazione con ATM a supporto dell’operatività del servizio “a chiamata” Radiobus di Quartiere. Attivo dal 2010 in 15 quartieri dell’area urbana milanese, Radiobus ATM è stato recentemente potenziato da [...]

Personalbus: Softeco’s technology at the service of ATM

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With the release of some important updates of its Personalbus technology platform, Softeco consolidates its collaboration with ATM to support the operation of the “on-demand” Radiobus service in the neighborhood (Radiobus di Quartiere). Active since 2010 in 15 neighborhoods of the Milan urban area, [...]