New important result for Softeco in the field of e-mobility and transport digitalization. And a further recognition of the efficiency of the Adverto supervision platform, multi-role proprietary technology, and the Rtu-GO product line for remote control. In fact, the company completed and put into operation the first plant as part of an important contract for the “design, construction, installation, activation and testing, in the Villa Agip area and in the Caronte & Tourist Terminal in Villa San Giovanni, of an automation system for classification, access control, vehicle routing and payment of travel tickets with subsequent full service maintenance and training of Caronte personnel “.

The project, of which the first phase has been completed, will end in 2020 and aims to automate and speed up the toll payment and boarding processes on the ferries of the Villa San Giovanni-Messina section, consequently optimizing resources and operational management costs of the client.

The plant called “Villa Agip”, provides for the channeling of vehicular traffic on lanes prepared for the recognition of the vehicle class and the payment of the toll by means of automatic tellers or Telepass lanes. Once the payment has been made, the vehicles are routed, through the ordinary road system, towards the operational terminal of loading of Villa Mare in Villa San Giovanni to proceed to the actual boarding.

All the systems supplied by Softeco and purchased from Third Parties (control barriers, photocells, traffic lights, vehicle presence detection coils) have been integrated into a single automation and remote control platform based on the proprietary Rtu-GO product line. The supervision system, based on a customization of the Adverto proprietary solution. Softeco supplied the turnkey system The Villa Agip terminal was operational throughout the high-traffic summer phase, operating regularly.